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This link has only been shared with a select few customers so that you can continue to purchase your Emmi products online rather than having to email and wait for an invoice each time.
The company, Emmi, have a rule that independent distributors are not allowed to sell any Emmi products through their own websites. I am not trying to break the rules, I am just bending them slightly as I am actually no longer selling through my website, as in, I am not publicly advertising or selling from the main website.

You will still be able to add other items from the Shanzi Dogs UK and Shanzi Naturals websites to your order too. You can access the store at the bottom of this page.
Let me know if you have any issues.

Jaime x
If you have any questions or if you need any information or advice, please do ask. 
You can contact me at info@shanzidogs.com or you can call, text or Whatsapp me.
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Ideal for small to medium sized dogs (or cats)

This is the size you need for medium to large dogs

Emmi Pet toothpaste is the best toothpaste to use with the Emmi Pet toothbrush

This gel can be used in between Emmi-pet sessions to help soften existing tartar and to prevent the formation of new plaque and tartar


Rosewood Sticks are used to gently scrape or flick loosened tartar from the teeth

Advertise your Emmi Pet teeth cleaning services with these leaflets

Intended for humans but people do use on dogs. If used, please be careful and only use once every 3 months

The Emmi Pet comes with a European plug so you need a plug adapter in the UK


Ideal for groomers or anyone who offers Emmi Pet teeth cleaning as a small way to advertise

Emmi Pet ultrasonic tick repellent collar can be attached to all common collars, with a maximum width of 2 cm and a maximum thickness of 3 mm.

To be used with the Emmi Dent toothbrush (human version) or some people use on themselves with a spare brush head and the Emmi Pet

Kit includes 1x large and 1x small brush head, 1x toothpaste, 1x charging base and I will throw in a free UK plug adapter. Delivery included in price