Emmi-Pet webstore.

I am an independent Emmi-Pet distributor.

If you have not heard of Emmi-Pet ultrasound toothbrush for pets, please do take the time to click the link and have a read. It is an amazing product that I can truly vouch for as I have been using it on my own dogs for some time.
Having small dogs, you are probably all too aware of how hard it is to keep their teeth clean with many having to having regular dentals at the vets.
And this is why I love the Emmi-pet ultrasound toothbrush.
It is especially brilliant for dogs that don't easily tolerate having their teeth brushed because with the Emmi-Pet, you do not have to 'brush'!
It makes no noise at all, it doesn't even vibrate. Using the special ultrasound toothpaste, you simply hold the toothbrush on the teeth. No scrubbing necessary. Dogs usually tolerate this pretty well and even the more reluctant ones do tend to get used to it in time if you use positive training methods.
Sounds too good to be true? Well, I can honestly say that I thought the same and it took me almost a year to take the plunge and actually purchase one! lol
But within a few weeks of using it on my own toy breeds, I realised that it was possibly one of the best investments that I had made. Really!!

If you purchase an Emmi-Pet ultrasound toothbrush from my webstore, I will be willing to give you as much support and help as you feel you need to get started. 

From time to time I may have some spare toothbrush heads, rosewood sticks, toothpaste or UK plug adapters in stock so it is worth messaging me and if I have some available, I can invoice you.

So, now to take a look at the webstore where you will find the Emmi-Pet, Emmi-Dent (Human version) as well as other products in the Emmi range.
Any questions- please don't hesitate to contact me and I will help you out.

I will point out that the webstore is in Germany and the currency is shown in Euros but once google translates the page into English for you (Or you click on the UK flag on the website), it is very simple to use. And delivery usually takes less than a week!
Link below! 

The Emmi-Pet kit you need to purchase is the Basic set-English. It normally works out to be under £200.00 including shipping. It really all depends on the current exchange rate.
You may also want to buy a power adapter plug (to be used in the UK) which you can purchase in the webstore for 2.99 euros but I often have one here that I can invoice you for so don't worry if you forget to add it to your order.
Alternatively you can use a shaver adapter plug.